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Published Nov 10, 20
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About one in ten students in the U.S. are English Language Learners – people who, as the name suggests, are currently learning English. These ELL students are at varying degrees of understanding, and they may miss out on vital information simply by listening to your podcast. However, by including a text transcript with your podcast, you open up your show to this wide audience.

Beyond making your show more accessible for your listeners, there are several benefits to having written text on your website. Your SEO will see a boost; search engines crawl sites for content and determine the value of a site or page by looking for specific keywords and terms online ((⇨ learn about #1 rated podcast transcription service)). Each one of your episodes likely contains several keywords or phrases, but if you’re only including a quick recap of the episode, your site won’t rank as highly as it should.

You can take quick bits from the recording and share them across social media, email newsletters, blogs on your website, contributed content to other sites, and a whole lot more. By now, you know why you need a podcast transcription service. But where do you go from here? Most people think transcription and picture themselves listening to their episodes dozens of times over, stopping and rewinding in order to quickly type each and every word that’s spoken - (⇨ learn about #1 rated podcast transcription service).

These ways are more effective than the DIY route (and you’ll spare your fingers a lot of hurt). But how do you figure out the best podcast transcription service? Here are a few different routes you can go. Software/AI transcription services are entirely automated. You’ll upload your audio file and receive a transcript after the software goes through and turns your audio into text.

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With software or AI transcription, episodes can be turned around within an hour, usually in a matter of minutes. And with companies like Rev or Temi, you’ll be charged only 25 cents per audio minute for these automated services. Some other service providers additionally include tiered subscription offerings, which adds to the overall price.

Get a 🤖or a 👨‍💼👩‍💼to transcribe so you can focus on making more content! Instead of an AI approach, you could work with an independent contractor. Again, you’ll upload your audio file and then the independent contractor will transcribe it for you. You’ll receive a text transcript that you can include on your website alongside your episode.

You’ll pay about 80 cents to $1. 50 per audio minute. However, these transcripts are 99 percent accurate. With most independent contractor podcast transcription services, after you upload your file, you’ll get your transcript within 12 to 36 hours. Conversely, you can also choose a do-it-yourself approach and handle everything on your own.

With a DIY approach, you’ll open up your audio file and pull up a Word or Google doc (or somewhere else where you can type words). Then you’ll push play and listen, transcribing what you hear. You’ll have to stop and rewind often to make sure you catch every word.

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Another route you can take is to find a volunteer to help with the transcription - spotify for podcaster. In return, you can offer them something else of value. Similarly, you could trade your transcription services with a business partner in exchange for you providing them with some sort of business service ((⇨ what is transcription?)). This could range from non-work activities – maybe you’re handy with cars and can offer an oil change in exchange for a few transcripts – to things that can help someone in their career, such as designing a new business card.

However, this method has its own challenges. Perhaps the person you’re trading with doesn’t have any transcription experience, or they may format things differently than you’d like. They may also want more from you in return, or ask for their favor at a time that’s inconvenient. Have you weighed all your options? If you decide to use a podcast transcription service, here’s the top one to go with.

A professional is more accurate and is better at formatting with speaker identification, timestamps, and other helpful features. It’s also so much quicker to use a podcast transcription service than doing everything on your own. Wouldn’t you rather spend time focusing on your next episode or another idea to help your business succeed? Since you don’t want any headaches with your transcribing, you’ll want to choose the podcast industry’s best audio transcription service.

It’s an essential service for any writer.” And Steve Flamisch, Press Officer at Rutgers, adds, “Rev provided high-quality service and tight turnaround for a very competitive price.” Having that peace of mind with your podcast transcription service is a big deal. There’s plenty to focus your time and energy on when you’re putting your podcast together.

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Whether you’re looking to make your podcast more visible online or assist more people in consuming your work who otherwise aren’t able to, transcription services are super beneficial. They’ll save you serious time and money in the long run. Ready to give your podcast a boost with the best podcast transcription service around? Visit the Rev transcription services page to get started.

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Podcasts can add a personal element to corporate blogs and websites, while allowing individuals to express their views more naturally and easily than other methods of communication. In order to provide the best possible access to this material, however, an accurate and complete transcript of the podcast should also be provided for visitors to the site.

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Here are six reasons you absolutely need to have your podcasts transcribed: Podcast transcription allows search engines to index the content of your podcasts. Without accurate and comprehensive transcripts, your podcasts are essentially invisible to search engines and cannot contribute to higher rankings. A professionally prepared and formatted transcript can not only offer greater access to listeners but can boost the website’s overall visibility and positioning online.

Additionally, some prefer the higher degree of instant accessibility of visual materials over audio files. Podcast transcription allows each visitor to the site to access the information in the way he or she most prefers. A clear, accurate transcript is of huge benefit to individuals who do not speak English as a first language (spotify for podcaster).

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Deaf and hearing impaired individuals can enjoy greater access to information when a podcast transcript is available alongside the original podcast. This offers greater accessibility to those who cannot easily hear the messages contained in the podcast and can open up a wider audience for the podcast and the website associated with it.

This can increase exposure for the podcast and can improve the chances that others will link back to the material and help to drive traffic to the site. Visitors to the site can access the information contained in the podcast anywhere, even in situations in which listening to an audio podcast would be awkward or inappropriate (e.

waiting in line). This can allow even greater utility to guests of the site and provide an incentive for return visits. An accurate, professionally produced podcast transcript can offer major advantages to podcasters. Offering both text and audio versions of content ensures the widest possible audience and the most satisfactory results for visitors to the podcast’s site.

And, no, we are not going to offer tips stolen from other people’s blogs. When we say we can help you make more easily searchable podcasts, we offer you a cost effective and surefire method to gain more listenership. Transcribing podcasts can help search engines and listeners locate your podcast effortlessly.

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We can transcribe podcasts belonging to all genres and recording formats. If you have a website we will send your transcripts as html files so you could easily integrate it with your site. We can create keyword rich textual content for your ID3 tags which can be inserted into your audio file.

If you have more than 25 hours of podcast episodes to be transcribed you can avail of our bulk discount offer. Getting a perfect transcript completely proofread and edited by professional podcast transcribers and experienced editors, is not the Best. To make working with us an experience to look forward to, we provide several cost saving offers.



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